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What is Pisces Zodiac Sign?

You have pleasant and adaptive personality. You are intelligent, enthusiastic, sensitive, active, and very creative. You are voracious readers and love to study arts, science, and engineering. You are independent thinkers and are reserved in nature. You feel that others should respect your opinion.You are very ambitious and mostly achieve whatever you want in your lives. You are helpful, generous and spend money freely but you are extremely careful in spending on right things only. You are affluent, well to do and lead a very happy and prosperous life.

When do Pisces Birthdays fall?

You are a Piscean if your birthday falls between February 19 to March 20 according to western astrology.

Pisces love Horoscope

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Pisces relation Horoscope

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Pisces lalkitab Horoscope

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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Your health will improve. Any disease or ailments shall subside now. You will take up new fitness regime. With balanced diet, you will be able to increase your immunity levels.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

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Pisces Yearly Horoscope

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